Some Bunny Loves You…

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Let it be known that in spite of what anyone may say, you’re NEVER too old for an Easter egg hunt. Ever since I can remember, each and every year I’d wait in anticipation for supermarkets to begin stacking their shelves with copious amounts of Easter goodies. Flash forward 23 years, and I’m still ridiculously enthralled by the site of jewel-toned foil covered eggs, happy-go-lucky looking bunnies and of course the South African Easter pies de resistance… Hen’s eggs! In case you have no ideas what I’m going on about, these are hollow milk chocolate eggs en-robed in a crunchy white candy coating!

Easter is very much a family affair, and having been raised Catholic, Easter Sunday always entailed an Easter egg hunt and church, followed by a gut-busting family lunch. In more recent times, my heathenism (ha) means that church usually gets skipped but the eating part has pretty much remained intact.

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And so, in the wake of the Easter Bunny’s latest voyage to my garden, here’s a list of things I absolutely love about Easter:

  1. White hen’s eggs (And no, this is not me being racist, they’re sacred).
  2. Woolworths’ Easter egg section as a whole (To quote Bridesmaids: “help me I’m poor!”)
  3. That overly stuffed feeling after lunch because you knew you were too full but ate a second serving of pudding anyway (I mean, YOLO).
  4. Being able to act like a total kid and demand an Easter egg hunt even though you’re in your… erm… twenties. (In the words of Alphaville – “Forever young, I want to be, forever young!” Plus, it ain’t nobody’s business anyway).
  5. The public holidays and subsequent long weekends that ruin any chance of productivity in the workplace. Sorry, I’m not sorry. (To all bosses nationwide, you may as well consider April a total write-off).
  6. These certified Durban Easter Bunnies! (The star of this post!)

Bunny Chows have long since been a part of South Africa’s heritage. For those who are yet to experience the joy of one, let me break it down for you. A Bunny consists of the following components:

  • A hollowed out, soft, carbolicious loaf of WHITE bread – again, this isn’t a subliminal race message (Tim Noakes is probably sweating by now and about to pass a kidney stone).
  • A classic curry of your choice that’s hotter than my ballie’s temper every time Liverpool lost a game (which naturally, happened often).
  • Sambals on the side (chopped up chilli, tomato and onions).

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I opted to take a national tradition and sweeten things up in honour of Easter… Behold, My Easter Bunny! It’s sweet, crunchy, creamy, cakey and is served with balsamic strawberry sambals on the side and a fondant bunny butt for good measure. I was absolutely swamped with work this week but somehow I managed to summon every ounce of energy and thus with the dexterity of a spider monkey, I put this epic creation together.

To everyone who observes this holiday in its religious context, I wish you a very blessed Easter with your friends and family. To those who do not, may you eat the entire weight of a medium sized neighbourhood child in delicious chocolate goodies. Yes Easter is about resurrection, but should you be the less religious type, why not make Easter about the revival of something else in your life? If it’s a goal you had once forgotten, pick up where you left off or have the courage to start over. And if you’re not afraid to take a closer look at yourself, you may even find that Easter could be the resurrection of a better version of yourself.


This one’s for Lol in the wild, who’s away from her family and friends this Easter. It’s for Kelly who loves white eggs as much as I do and for Kays who has started a new chapter in her life and resurrected a few goals along the way.

(because “xoxo” was too mainstream and because you just can’t beat a good Durban Bunny)


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My Easter Bunny


For the Cake:

1 X Pear Cake Recipe (minus the pear)

For the Filling:

1 tin of Caramel Treat

Some Woolworths Chuckles

Speckled Eggs

Small bar of Peanut Brittle.

Chopped up Easter Eggs

Whatever else you damn well please!

For the Balsamic Strawberry Sambals:

½ punnet of Strawberries

2 tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar


  1. Make cake as per recipe minus the pear but bake it in a loaf tin!
  2. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.
  3. Once cool, cut ¼ of the loaf off and hollow out the center of the remaining ¾. But keep the cake insides for later.
  4. Mix caramel, chopped up Chuckles, Speckled Eggs, Easter eggs and smashed up Peanut Brittle together. Put into the hollowed out loaf.
  5. Place “cake hat” on top of filling.
  6. Chop up strawberries and mix with balsamic. Leave in fridge to chill until serving.
  7. Decorate with a fondant bunny bum, more Easter eggs or a dusting of icing sugar.

Health hack: The Easter Bunny doesn’t have time for such foolery, he won’t be hiding rice cakes or Slim Slabs in your garden… GET OVER IT!

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